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BHPL will become a leading player in Nepal's renewable energy sector and an enabler for the nation's growth through the development and supply of sustainable clean energy.


The company has a vision to develop clean energy projects in Nepal through broad-based participation of local people.


  1. To build own and operate small and medium sized hydropower of the country for the benefit of the people at large.
  2. To create synergy with the private sector.
  3. To ensure attractive and sustainable long term return to the shareholders through prudent and sound investment practices.

Chairman Message

BHPL has become a potential developer in
Nepal’s small hydropower development with one project in
operations and other two under development. The Group is
committed to developing social and community friendly
hydropower projects and in adding a step to the growth of
Renewable Energy in Nepal’s power generation capacity.

We believe that clean energy, generated through well planned
and executed hydro power projects, is the solution to the
growing energy needs of the nation. We also believe in
inclusive development to generate employment and contribute
to society by developing basic infrastructure and energy

The Group has talented and qualified employees and vast pool
of network with deep expertise in planning, designing,
financing and executing power projects, and we continuously
promote the personal and professional development of our
employees. We make every effort to be the leading player in
small hydropower development based on our values of
excellence, inclusive development, team work and innovation.

Yours Sincerely,
Rameshowar Parajuli

CEO Message

Hydropower resource is lauded as Nepal’s answer to its energy woes, yet only 6% of its economical potential is currently being harnessed. Nepal possesses enormous hydroelectric potential, yet the country relies on import to meet the rising demand of energy from the industry as well as households. The power system posses total installed capacity of about 3200 MW and peak demand of approximately 1900 MW. Majority of hydro projects commissioned are Run of River(RoR) type due to which the generation in dry season approximately drops down nearly to 1/4th of the installed capacity.

Besides, the demand for the electricity (in kWh) is expected to go up by 15% annually for the next few years. Currently the country's demand is fulfilled importing from India (especially in dry season). The Country's need is to develop peaking RoR and reservoir projects. For the last 25 years, the government has adopted the favorable policy to involve the private sector in electricity production which attracted a number of initiatives from private entrepreneurs interested in investing in hydropower project, especially those of small and medium size. Currently 4,500 MW from 200 hydropower projects are in construction phase.

BHPL has played a key role in formulating the private sector friendly policy and provides advisory support to the small hydropower projects in Nepal. BHPL has set its business milestones to establish the hydropower business and have a plan to develop 14.5 MW in the next three years out of which 1.5 MW is in operation for the last five years. 

We believe on teamwork for the benefits of our shareholders for the benefits of the country at large. 

Yours Sincerely,

Er. Surya Prasad Adhikari


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